Backlog & ECO Connections Program

Armstrong Creek Air Treatment Facility
April 25, 2018
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May 2, 2019

Backlog & Eco Connections Program

Along the Mornington Peninsula between Rye and Portsea, more than 16,000 properties currently rely on septic tanks and onsite treatment plants to manage household sewage. Due to aging, failing and poorly maintained septic tanks there is evidence of waste polluting groundwater, waterways and the environment in the region.

To address this, in October 2014, South East Water began rolling out one of the largest pressure sewer constructions in Australian history.

The Peninsula ECO Project team has connected over 3,000 properties since October 2014.

Land Engineering has worked on the Backlog & ECO Connections Program for South East Water Corporation since its inception and is one of two contractors engaged to perform works.

The Backlog & ECO Connections Program is the world leading Pressure Sewer project.

Project Description


Mornington Peninsula


– Installing 40, 50, 63 mm PE by Horizontal Directional Drilling.

– Live connections into SEW sewer manholes including sewer by-passing.

– Epoxy coating of existing discharge manholes.

– Installing boundary valve (non-returnable) kit.

– Hydrostatic testing of PE pipes.

– Under pressure Tapping.

– Holding tank installation.

– Reinstatement of customer properties including nature strips and roadways.

– Decommission and abandon old septic tanks and on property treatment plants

Water Agency:

South East Water

Work Categories:

​SC3, SC7, R1